Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thailand: Thon Buri to Wang Pho

Last year in April, I was given the opportunity to visit Bangkok. For a short time only. Thailand never was on the waiting list of places I wanted to visit. So, I don't have any feelings or expectation of what I'm going to get/feel/experience when I reach there. And honestly, I'm not even excited having to fly there. But things happened, and I was there with my mom and my sister who by the way has already in Bangkok by the time we arrived.


I am pleasantly surprise by Bangkok and Thailand! I really enjoying myself over there like really really enjoyed!

The thing I remembered the most and the highlight of this trip was when we make a little trip by train from Thon Buri to Wang Pho. Oh man~~ what a treat the trip was. It's like...I never thought that I could enjoy a train trip like I was enjoying this one and it was a 5 hours journey! I love every moment of it!

Scroll down for pictures.


At Wang Pho, there's this dessert ,which I forgot it's name, that was super delicious! I'm not kidding. I still salivate whenever I look at that picture. I might even come back to Thailand just to eat that again. Super super delicious!!

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